Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sexy gamer of the week!

Here it is, all you gamers and geeks. Muttonbasher is proud to announce Sexy gamer of the week.

The rules:
Photo must be of you
Must include at least a name and short bio. (nicknames are OK)
All types of games are acceptable

fav. game
least fav. game

Points given for:
having the site name in it? sure sounds good :D
and showing your love for muttonbasher

the best one is crowned SEXY GAMER OF THE WEEK!

that's it... no prizes but if you add a link or website with your bio we will gladly add that in there for you as well :)

and no guys this is not restricted to only women.
So just send in to muttonbasher@yahoo.com and let's get sexy!

any questions please feel free to contact us :)

And remember, Game on! and stay sexy!

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