Monday, August 15, 2011

Minecraft Mod Mondays! #1

O.k. this one is for all of our minecraft fans out there, starting today Muttonbasher will be putting out a weekly review of minecraft mods. So let's get started with a good one! =D

So for the today's Minecraft Mod in review we have
"Teh Krush's Timber!"
      To Teh Mods!

Now the link we provided is to the forum page where you can get all of Teh Krush's mods but the one we are talking about today is the Timber! mod.

So the Timber! mod makes it so trees are affected by gravity, meaning if you take out the bottom trunk all of the trunk parts will fall. this is AMAZING! i can't stress it enough, such a simple mod. can save so much time.

Really not a lot to this mod. It is very simple and very useful. from now on this one will be installed for all of us at muttonbasher. we do recommend that if you use it, donate to Teh Krush, It helps to get more cool, and useful mods in the world of minecraft!

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