Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Minecraft Music wow...

So we all know minecraft is very addicting, and to be honest we could play it non stop. But some people, have an imagination and determination to do amazing things.

We are very happy when we found this video.

Minecraft Music: Want You Gone Portal 2 cover

Funny Videogame Vlogger

Alright so a friend of ours over on YouTube has a Gaming video blog. that we love! Really, would we lie to you? Go check him out.

He does a lot with Halo: Reach, CoD, Halo 3 And also others, too many to list.

But the best one we have seen is one of his more recent posts, where he sings through the blog. 
will link it here.
Most hilarious commentary ever!

And here is a link to his channel too.

Absolute blast to watch his videos. Go show some love to our friend,
Subscribe and leave him a comment telling him we sent you.

Until next time, Game On!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

DigimonWorld Re:Digitize

Namco-Bandai for the past week and a half, have had the countdown clock confusing millions. But its reveled and the game announced with it is none other than DigimonWorld Re:Digitize. Now we have never really been into Digimon but with a countdown and display like that, We have an urge to give this a shot.

Now we don't know much about the game just yet, because the lack of being able to read the website. If anyone can decipher and let us know what to expect, That would be cool.

Here is the link to the page, go check it out. DigimonWorld Re:Digitize

Also leave us a comment, We love to hear from our fans.

Friday, July 15, 2011

moar clock!

Ok everyone, you remember that countdown clock on Namco's site. Take a second look at it. It seems as time counts down more is added onto it. Only time will tell what exactly is being counted too. But untill we find out. keep an eye on that clock :)


Ok for all if our fans out there. We are going to hold a contest.

It is an art contest, An avatar making contest, we need an avatar for our twitter and facebook. 
It's as easy as that. Design us an avatar and send it to Muttonbasher@yahoo.com
As far as what we want the design to look like, be creative. This one is all up to you guys.

Now as far as prizes go we have 2.

we have either:
1600 Microsoft points
$20 Playstation Network Card

the winner will be announced at the end of the contest. you may enter as many times as you like. The contest will run until the 1st of Augest. Any questions please feel free to send us an Email or comment to this post.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rage: The Arsenal Dev Diary

Your welcome, here is the latest video for Rage.
Behind-the-scenes developer video for Rage. This new one covers the variety of weapons, ammo types, and gadgets that players will be making of use of in the Rage. The game will be dropping in October if 2011.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

XBOX 360 disk changer

The most epic mod for a 360 to date. Ben Heckendorn electronics enthusiast has put together a Disk changer. But the best part is still to come. Over at element14 forum you can actually enter to win this prototype so as I always do here are your awesome links. go check it out.

360 Disk changer video
Enter here to win the disk changer.

Countdown Clock?

Namco Bandai main site is now showing off a new countdown clock. Everyone knows that a countdown clock means a new game. We have no real idea what there planning on shipping but whatever it is, the design on the countdown clock looks interesting.

Well here's hoping its something good. if you have a few days to kill, this will keep you busy . Clock
And as soon as we hear, you'll hear.

Man really falling?

The newest Dev Diary for Resistance 3 is available on Sony's blog here. Resistance 3 Dev Diary

Bringing in the ever so loved weapon wheel we all love :P

Also if you missed either of the other Dev diary entries I'll link them here as well.

Cold New World
Enemies and Artificial Intelligence


Have to give a huge thank you to the best sister ever for the artwork :D It looks amazing!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Doodle God 2

I don't know much about Android/iPhone apps, as I do not personally own either device. but when a friend of mine tells me i need to play this game he got called "Alchemy" for his Android. I had to do some research, unfortunately i could not find the game on a PC platform, but did find the next best thing. "Doodle God 2" a flash game very similar to the Alchemy game he said i should play.

Doodle God 2 go try it! but finish reading first :P
Alchemy for those with an Android

This has to be the most simple and easy to jump in and play. All it takes is a little common knowledge and a little time and your set.

the base of the game revolves around the four basic elements. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water. and you combine elements to make, well, more elements. there are over 300 different elements in 21 different categories that you have to find. now were not talking weeks to finish. Not at all, to be honest you can clear it in one sitting if you have a few hours.  the game provided me with 4-5 hours of game play from start to finish and let me tell you, that's not bad for a flash game.

All in all the game was a blast. the sounds got repetitive, but you only hear them for a few hours so its not that bad.

Really all we can say is, its free. Go give it a shot, have fun with it.

And let us know in the comments below what you think of it, or if you have another game you want us to try out.