Monday, August 22, 2011

Minecraft Mod Mondays #2

Hello! Once again all you Minecraft mod mob! today we have an amazing mod.

Today our mod is "[1.7.3] Single Player RPG Mod"

Now with this mod we had two of our minecraft players test this out, one came back bothered by it, and the other one came back giddy as a schoolgirl, so lets go over it.

The big thing about this mod is "RPG" and they sure do mean it. this mod adds: Skill ups, Perks, Spells and so much more. Now we all know minecraft is a bit dull after 3-4 game days, because once your established, for the most part. But with the RPG mod added in there is a skill up system in play that in order to make certain items, or place Cretan blocks, you will have to skill up the required skill. This mod is very much designed for the rpg fans, that love the accomplishment feeling of seeing "you gain ?? skill points" I know I do.

All the info for the mod, along with download and installation instructions are provided in the link above, and please donate if you use the mod and love it. It really does help the developers out.

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