Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sexy gamer Cosplay!

My name is Martine (known on the web as Theriza), I'm from Norway, and I'm proud to be a geek.
One of the fondest memories from my childhood was getting a Nintendo 64 for my birthday. I was so exited, mostly cause I could now play pokemon stadium. I guess that kinda foreshadowed the road my life and interests would take. I'm still loving pokemon, as well as most things japanese. I've been cosplaying for some years now, both from anime, books and games, and I'm loving it. As far as gaming goes I've never really had many consols, so I haven'g gotten to play very much, although I do borrow from my friends at every oppurtunity. I enjoy role playing games (not only on computer/consols, I also love LARP and sometimes good old fashioned pen-and-paper roleplay), and have been playing WoW for quite some time. Some of my favorites other than that are Mirror's Edge, Ace Attorney, any pokemon game and of course music games like Guitar Hero, DDR and Osu. I'm also a big fan of good, old-fashioned Tetris ^^
Fav game: DDR or any other dancing game
Least favourite game(s): The Sims -so boring -_-
Hobbies: Theatre, Cosplay, Larp, Reading, Drawing, Writing, playing and listening to music and watching anime.

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