Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Settlers in Russia

Paris, France - September 27, 2011Today, Ubisoft® announced that The Settlers Online, the free-to-play, browser-based, multiplayer strategy game based on The Settlers franchise, is expanding beta testing into Russia. Ubisoft is working with Fabrika Online, a company specialized in social entertainment services and online games for the Russian market, to publish the game. The open beta will start in October.
The open beta of The Settlers Online in Russia follows successful beta tests in Germany, France and the United States (as Castle Empire), and represents Ubisoft’s latest investment in the Russian market. According to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report, the Russian online games market is forecast to increase to USD 723 million in 2014, and the total volume of the video games market in Russia is forecast to rise to USD 1.3 billion, at a compound annual growth rate of 11.1%.
“Bringing Web-based, free-to-play titles like The Settlers Online to emerging game markets like Russia is a key part of Ubisoft’s online strategy,” said Alain Corre, Director of Ubisoft EMEA. “We will offer Russian-speaking players the same high-quality gameplay, the same level of service and the same connections to the game’s community that will make The Settlers Online a great game around the world.”
Launching the beta of the The Settlers Online represents the second time Ubisoft has worked with Fabrika Online in Russia. The two companies also worked together to publish Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms in August.
“Fabrika Online is glad to present the online version of such a widely popular brand as The Settlers to a Russian-speaking audience,” said Anton Rouff, CEO of Fabrika Online. “The game matches the significance of the brand and we expect it will definitely reach the highest levels of popularity with Russian gamers. Working with The Settlers Online is a big honor for us and a great way to continue our successful relationship with Ubisoft.”
Developed by Ubisoft’s Blue Byte studio, The Settlers Online is a purely web-based PC game, which can be played by anyone for free. Players establish their first settlement on untouched soil and expands it to a bustling city full of settlers, until it becomes a glorious kingdom. To achieve this goal, players need to combine production workflows and should establish an efficient logistical infrastructure. During the game, guilds and military also become increasingly important in order to succeed against other players. Carrying out challenging adventure quests together with friends rewards the player with fame, glory and extraordinary treasures. No matter if players are professionals or novices of The Settlers games, they quickly understand the gameplay thanks to numerous help systems.
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